Bee & Bramble Honey Wine Blends

Traditional Dry Mead

Traditional (Dry Mead)

This wine is as simple as it gets — just honey, yeast, nutrients, and water. Our first product, and the one that we cut our teeth on. If you want to know the potential of the honey on its own, or prefer a more subtle wine, this is the one to go to.

Price: $13.99/750mL Bottle

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Head Mazer’s (Metheglin)

This wine is perhaps our favorite (thus the name!). A blend of mountain wildflower honey, local ginger, lemongrass, and orange zest gives this wine a heady aroma, full body, tartness and zing. Drink year-round, and put some in the cellar too!

Price: $14.99/750mL Bottle

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Flower Power Metheglin

Flower Power (Metheglin)

A buttery-floral aroma and mouthfeel result from this blend of mountain wildflower honey, ginger, chamomile, rose petals and hibiscus. The softness of this wine is perfect for relaxing in the evening.

Price: $13.99/750mL Bottle

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Blueberry Ginger (Melomel)

A blend of mountain wildflower honey, local blueberries and ginger, this wine has a delicious blueberry aroma with a balanced body and a nice ginger bite at the finish. Great for summer days, serve room temperature at dinnertime, or chilled at the beach or lake. Ahhh, summer!

Price: $14.99/750mL Bottle

Blackberry Buzz (Melomel)

A tart, refreshing blend of mountain wildflower honey paired with Appalachian-grown blackberries. Serve room temperature, or ice it down for those hot days.

Price: $13.99/750mL Bottle

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Elderberry Electrum (Melomel)

Made from mountain wildflower honey and regional elderberries. The original name for this blend was to be Elderberry Elixir, but we were forced to change it due to the connotation of “Elixir” being some kind of remedy for an illness. Yes, we don’t want to be misleading, this isn’t promised to cure any kind of ailment, unless of course one is “ill” for a delicious, tart wine to enjoy at suppertime, or at leisure.

Price: $16.99/750mL Bottle

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Carolina Cyser (Cyser)

In cooperation with a local apple orchard, we bring you this scrumptious combination of honey wine and hard apple cider. This is a blend we are particularly proud of, with a complex aroma and a dry – yet balanced – taste. A true taste of the mountains! Serve room temperature or chilled.

Price: $13.99/750mL Bottle

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