Welcome to Bee & Bramble

Bee and Bramble wineryBee & Bramble is a small winery located in the town of Fairview, in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. Our business was founded with a love of crafting meads, melomels, and metheglins from only the finest of ingredients, and from local and regional Appalachian sources.

At Bee & Bramble, we use the finest Appalachian mountain wildflower honey and local and regional fruits, combined with special yeasts, to craft our distinctively dry and floral wine blends. Never filtered or fined, our goal is to make the best tasting honey wines that we can, period. Celebrate the magic of the honeybee and the lush southern Appalachian mountains with Bee & Bramble!bees-under-hive-400



Enosophy (Ee.naw.so.fee): n., the philosophy of winemaking.

In order to make excellent honey wines, it is essential to choose the most flavorful honey and the freshest fruits and herbs, and pair them with specific yeast strains that optimize the flavors and aromas of the different wine blends. The exceptional body and aroma of our wines is the result of years of research and testing these combinations.

Once the wine is finished, we do as little as possible to affect the profiles that result. Though others may employ filtering and fining (a process that involves artificial removal of fine particulates through sedimentation), we strongly believe that these processes – though producing excellent clarity in wines – substantially reduce the flavors and aromas that make these delicate wines so special. As a result, our wines are proud to wear the “unfiltered and unfined” label.

As a company, we are also devoted to serving and collaborating with local businesses. These relationships strengthen the community, as well as guarantee that we use the freshest and most responsible sources for our product. This strategy has been a win-win for us, and we believe for our neighbors as well.

ivar-bees-300We hope you enjoy Bee & Bramble wines as much as we do!


J D “Ivar” Schloz
Owner and Head Mazer
Bee & Bramble LLC